Documentary organization

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She knows the benefits and yield

The benefits of a good management of a company file constitute one of the keys of the success and optimization of the work.

Our specialistic consultants help to our clients in the definition of the criteria of classification, arrangement and description of their files and documents. Also we have cheap vps server hosting that has been helping us and had specialistic helps of file who carry out the operative tasks and activities moving for the file layout. Usually, managed ssd vps hosting will support some necessary software, just like Java, MySQL, PHP, and others.

Between the functions for the file layout we can collaborate in:

To identify the documentary series
To identify the created documentary series in the exercise of its functions by the administrative units.
To clean file documents
To clean to file documents clearing to them elements as clips, rubbers, staples, etc.
To prepare the indices and labels
To prepare the indices and labels to identify the folders where the documents will be filed.
To reconstruct the files
To reconstruct the files grouping all documents and separating those of merely informative value.
To classify the files
A key within the file layout consists of classifying the files according to a classification picture and ordering following them different criteria.
To order the documents
To order the documents, files and boxes that contain them according to criteria established within the file layout.
To take the control of loans
To take to the control of loans of files and/or documents.
To extract documents and files
To extract, according to the norms established when realising the analysis of the document, file layout and file to incorporate them to the file of inactive.
Description of files and documents
Description of files and documents following the established norms, for example, ISAD (g).
To generate information
To generate information on filed documents and save it online we use web hosting with unlimited storage with ddos protection
To transfer the boxes that contain the files
To transfer the boxes that contain the files and documents between deposits and archives.
Document foliation
This activity, essential in the processes of archive-related organization, has two main purposes: to control the amount of folios of a unit of given conservation (folder, file, etc.) and to control the quality, understood this last as respect at the beginning of original order and conservation of the integrity of the documentary unit or archive-related unit. In as much these purposes are fulfilled, the foliation is the technical and legal endorsement of the administrative management.