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We are a Peruvian company dedicated to provide integral solutions of administration and documentary management in the diverse sectors of the market.

Our services are focused to protect and to suitably administer the physical and digital information of our users, supported with our human potential, capital intellectual, experience, physical and technological infrastructure, allows us to turn us into an ally of our clients.

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Our Mission

It is to offer support to the management of information of our clients to national level, by means of integral services of documentary administration developed by a human potential highly described and it jeopardize with the quality, applying the technology adapted in each process and looking for the progress of our clients, collaborator and partners, consequently we are contributing to the well-being of our social surroundings.

Our Vision

It is to cooperate with our clients in the consequence and maintenance of his enterprise success by means of served; a service of quality that provides to them with better tools of handling of the excellent documentation for the decision making to the interior of the company of fast way, agile and that even entails important saving of resources.

Our human Potential

It is conformed by expert personnel in documentary management, related engineering and disciplines, at professional, technical and auxiliary, conscious level of the importance and value of the information, which allows to guarantee the confidentiality and reserve us that our services require.


Jr Rio Ucayali 5365, Files, Files, Peru
Mz. D Lot 22, the Portals. Bridge Stone, Files, Peru
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Monday - Friday
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