Specialized service

We manage the information of its business

The benefits of a good management of a company file constitute one of the keys of the success and optimization of the work.

Our specialistic consultants help to our clients in the definition of the criteria of classification, arrangement and description of their files and documents. Also we had specialistic helps of file who carry out the operative tasks and activities moving for the file layout.


Files of Personnel
The management solution that offers to FS System for the digitalization and organization of Files of Personnel, allows him to digitize the documents that compose the file of the client, as they are generated or entering the organization, or once it is had the complete file.
Books and manuals
Our integral service of organization, management and digitalization of books and manuals with FS System allows the substitution of sealed books or movable leaves, by the digital format, reducing to the times search and access to the information contained in the same.
Medical histories
Our service of Organization and digitalization of Digital Medical history has as main objective to provide to the health professionals the fast access, reliable of the historical information of the patient to be able to offer a customized service of quality and.
Files generally with Workflow
In It cases out Security we generally offer the digitalization and indexing to you of the files of your company, in automatic form using FS System. The digitized documents, are obtained from a point and managed by the different areas through workflow from the company.
Invoices of Suppliers, You order of work, You order of Purchase
The management of these document types cannot stop in their company, for that reason It cases out Security has thought as managing these document types efficiently so that being organized and being digitized they can optimize the searches, the approvals and the verifications.
Vouchers Countable
Vouchers manages his accountants so that the audits are faster, than the internal clients authorized have the availability of documents at any time.