Consultant's office and Consultancy in Documentary Management

It maintains documented his processes

Our experience in the document management allows to develop to Consulting services and consultant's office us through which, our clients obtain all the potential of the solutions of software and the automatization of their processes.

It consists of the applicability of administrative and archive-related models for the creation of Centers of Document Administration; in agreement with the needs of each company or institution; preparing, elaborating and implementing instructive manuals, processes, procedures, policies and, that fulfill the norms and requirements of the archive-related legislation of public and deprived organizations.

In It cases out Security we advised it in all the processes the Documentary management:


We elaborate the documentary diagnosis; Identifying F.O.D.A of the Archive-related process.


We design: Formats, Documents, Procedures, Instructive and guides for each Archive-related Process.


We update in legal, administrative and technical standardisation the Archive-related process.


We characterize and We documented the processes of Correspondence: External Shipment, Internal-Internal and Received Externa.


We prepare, We made, and We implemented the Tables of Documentary Retention. (T.R.D.)


We create centers of documentary administration: Reception, office, conservation and administration of the documentation.