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Dedicated to provide integral solutions in the administration and management documents to the companies of the public and deprived sector at national level. Our services, just like the VPS hosting that we are using, are focused to suitably protect and to administer one of the most valuable resources of the organizations at the present time: The Information (Documents). Luckily, the web hosting that we are using currently is providing us with several software, such as, MySQL, PHP, and others.

Why to choose to us?


Often the real value of all the costs implied in its file is not taken into account. Not only it is necessary to consider the costs direct, as the rent of the physical place, the purchase of bookcases and the pays of the involved people; but also the indirect costs as the illumination and the heating among others.


The importance of the time is really perceived, in relation to the information, when this one arrives too late. For this reason, we solve their consultation in the lapse that you need it. Or that requires the physical document in its office in normal or urgent form, a copy digitized by e-mail in the smaller time.


An unsuitable handling of the documentation can generate detrimental facts. For this reason, he is substantial that the same is only manipulated by the authorized person to realise the reception and the office of documents. Without the same of desorganicen. For maximum online securit we are using dedicated server to protect our database.


He is simple to notice the low-achieving space that implies to have a sector destined as deposit or file, being obtained much more occupying space that initially anticipated. It thinks, however, that delegating the problem of the file it can use laoficina of a much more fruitful form.

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